Company Profile:
ÖZEN Iş Agriculture Machinery Automative Foreign Trade LTD.Şti was established 46 years ago in Konya, since the first occurrence of the activity has produced of many different agricultural machines. Our company is manufacturing various types of agricultural machinery. We are always in contact with the farmers to produce suitable machines We also serve technical service and spare parts service. Our aim is to provide our farmers efficient harvest. Our work is to minimize costs, time usage and labor loss such as machine assembly, transport, filling emptying process. To serve better to our customers we are manufacturing Sugar Beet Harvesting Machine,Mega Sugar Beet Harvesting Machine,Cotton Picking Machine, Stone Collector Machine, Automatic Stem Collecting Straw Machine, Harvester Mounted Straw Machine, Carrot Harvesting Machine, Two Row Mounted Type Corn Harvester Machine and Automatic Stem Collecting Bladed Straw Machine.

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Tax Office: Selçuk  Tax Number: 6870299505  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Kemal IŞILAK